Cybersecurity in the age of Remote Work

Cybersecurity a major concern for businesses today.

A recent report from the Ponemon Institute revealed that cyberattacks cost organizations $8 trillion annually, and that the average cost per attack was $3 million. While cybersecurity is often thought of as a technology issue, it’s actually much broader than that. Companies need to address issues related to culture, processes, policies, and training if they want to effectively protect themselves from cyberattacks.

Businesses need to be proactive

To help ensure that your organization is prepared for any potential threats, consider implementing a comprehensive security program. It is better to stay proactive rather than reactive.

Here are three steps that you should take into consideration to get started:

a) Identify what information is valuable to your business and determine where it resides.
b) Determine who has access to that data and what level of access each person has.
c) Develop a plan to secure that data and implement safeguards to prevent unauthorized access.

When developing your security strategy, keep these points in mind:

a) Your company may already have a policy regarding employee use of personal devices while at work. If not, you’ll need to develop one.
b) You’ll likely need to create a dedicated workspace for your team members to conduct their work.
c) Employees should be trained on how to properly handle sensitive information.
d) Ensure that your company’s IT infrastructure e.g. network, databases etc. are protected.
e) Create a plan to monitor and respond to attacks.
f) Consider using a managed service provider to assist with your cybersecurity efforts.

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